Recent News

iBeacons - Apple Certified
Atlanticus Innovations has been certified by Apple Inc. to design and sell Apple certified iBeacon deveics. Contact us for information about our iBeacon product line and how iBeacons can help your mobile apps provide location based data.

Crazy Christmas Lights 2013
Atlanticus Innovations designes lighting control and pryotechnic system for the world famous Crazy Christmas Lights 2013. Check out this incredible show here.

Safety, Health & Wellness Expo 2012
Atlanticus Innovations presented at the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Safety, Health & Wellness Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.

We demonstrated a preliminary prototype of our full color Immediate Message Display.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Atlanticus Innovations?

Atlanticus Innovations is a multi-disciplinary engineering company focused on product design and engineering consulting. Our teams is comprised of highly qualified and competent people with a synergy that delivers engineering solutions which make a sustainable difference to the bottom line of our clients. Atlanticus Innovations will provide solutions help your business become more productive and competitive.

Why should I hire an engineering consultant?

There are many financial and technical benefits to outsourcing. The financial benefits come from paying only for services performed when they are needed. It can be considered a just-in-time resource that is utilized only when it is needed most. The year-round, long-term costs associated with direct employees such as salary, benefits, hardware and software costs, and administrative overhead may be reduced through the use of consultants. Another financial benefit is getting your product to market faster by using consultants when internal staffing is committed elsewhere.

There are technical benefits from using a consulting company. A good consulting company will be focused on staffing the best people, and keeping them highly trained and certified in the right skills needed by the customer. Typically, consultants will bring knowledge of other industries and technologies that the customer may not have internally.

What sets Atlanticus Innovations apart from other consulting companies?

We believe there are many things that set Atlanticus Innovations apart from other consulting and engineering firms. We strive to provide real value to our customers, establish long-term relationships built on integrity and mutual trust, be at the leading edge technically, and provide a unique and positive benefit to our customers needs

What kind of consulting services does Atlanticus Innovations offer?

Atlanticus Innovations offers consulting services specializing in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Solid-state lighting design and installation
  • Printed circuit board design and assembly
  • 3D modeling
  • Complete product design and manufacturing
  • Software engineering and development
  • Audio / visual systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Environmental services
  • Information technology
  • Structural engineering
  • Voice and data systems

What design software does Atlanticus Innovations use?

Atlanticus Innvations's engineers and designers are skilled in many engineering software packages. These packages include Autodesk Inventor, Altium Designer, SolidWorks, Matlab, Auto Cad and many others.

Where and how are your products designed and fabricated?

All of Atlanticus Innovations's products are designed and fabricated in house at our fabrication facility in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Where and how should I submit a request for proposal (RFP)?

To submit a Request for Proposal please email it to Additionally, you should call Atlanticus Innovations at 1-877-300-Atlanticus (2852) and speak with a representative. This will ensure we clearly understand your proposal and will get you a quote as quickly as possible.