Recent News

iBeacons - Apple Certified
Atlanticus Innovations has been certified by Apple Inc. to design and sell Apple certified iBeacon deveics. Contact us for information about our iBeacon product line and how iBeacons can help your mobile apps provide location based data.

Crazy Christmas Lights 2013
Atlanticus Innovations designes lighting control and pryotechnic system for the world famous Crazy Christmas Lights 2013. Check out this incredible show here.

Safety, Health & Wellness Expo 2012
Atlanticus Innovations presented at the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Safety, Health & Wellness Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.

We demonstrated a preliminary prototype of our full color Immediate Message Display.

Our Team


Atlanticus Innovations is a multi-disciplinary engineering company focused on product design and engineering consulting. Our teams is comprised of highly qualified and competent people with a synergy that delivers engineering solutions which make a sustainable difference to the bottom line of our clients.


  Daniel Brateris
Director of Systems Engineering
1-877-300-Atlanticus (2852) ext. 201

Daniel Brateris has degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He manages projects for the engineering and entertainment clients, with a focus on solid-state electronics and product development for the lighting, signage and safety industry.

  Christopher Mitchell
General Counsel
1-877-300-Atlanticus (2852) ext. 206

Christopher Mitchell has degrees in engineering and law, and serves as the general counsel for the company. Chris also manages the intellectual property and design rights for Atlanticus Innovations.

  Paul Diercksen
Director of Product Design
1-877-300-Atlanticus (2852) ext. 202

Paul Diercksen has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works as project manager utilizing his expertise in product development, 3D modeling, and product manufacturing.

  Trevor Ferguson
Director of Consulting Services
1-877-300-Atlanticus (2852) ext. 203

Trevor Ferguson has degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineer. He provides the team with expertise in sales, project management and capital acquisition.

  Michael Golias
Director of Manufacturing
1-877-300-Atlanticus (2852) ext. 204

Mike Golias has a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His work focuses on material science and manufacturing. He organizes and implements ā€œ5Sā€ projects and other lean manufacturing techniques for the company.